When you think of Indian Food, you may think of high calorie dishes, deep fried samosas, tons of refined carbohydrate, buttery butter chicken, oil drenched vegetables curries, and super-sweet spiced desserts. Today we’re rolling out the first recipe of many where we give Indian food a much-deserved makeover.  Our goal is to prepare simple recipes for those who are familiar with and even new to Indian cooking. We’ll up the nutritional value of each recipe while maintaining a satisfying spicy flavour. Introducing healthy, steamed spiced bhindi (pronouned pin-dee) or okra.


Healthy Steamed Spicy Bhindi (Okra)


Okra is incredibly delicious but not well known.  Growing up, I was impartial to bhindi. Now that I realize they only appear at the grocery store in the warmer months, I’ve learned to appreciate them a whole lot more. As in I saw them this weekend and snatched up a bag full!


Okra has an interesting flavor and texture. The white pods on the inside produce a “slimy” juice. That’s right! This helps add thickness when you cook okra into a stew, gumbo, and yes – bhindi vegetable curry. When cut and cooked properly, okra is crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  If you cook the pods whole or add some type of citrus to a dish (like lemon juice or tomatoes), the stickiness is reduced.