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Elevate your customers reading, viewing, or listening experience. Take a peak around our site and read through our About page. If you think your product or audience is a great fit for Health Dish Nutrition (meaning your audience is health-aware, passionate, and looking for trustworthy, expert advice), we should talk.

We provide media interviews and appearances, written articles, expert opinion or commentary in articles, and more.

-Ideal for magazines, websites & blogs, health/wellness campaigns, social media, workplace newsletters, e-newsletters, educational resources, health professionals, food industry, produce brochures, television, local radio, and newspapers.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have an exciting presentation that audiences crave? We think so! Sit shoulder to shoulder with your colleagues as you take in our engaging speakers and fun presentations that will empower you to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes. Depending on the size of your group, we can offer a hands-on workshop style presentation.

-Ideal for workplace health days and lunch/learn sessions, community groups classes, conferences, and health fairs.


-Recipe development, menu nutritional analysis.
-Food styling.
-We are flexible and creative. If you have an idea in mind, send us an email.