Last weekend was Rachael’s bridal shower! I’m sure being engaged is an exciting and special time in a girl’s life. I wanted to make this day a memorable one for Rachael! All bridal events leading up to the wedding are so much fun. Everyone comes together to celebrate love, share  fun stories of the bride, and mark the beginning of a journey from Miss To Mrs.

I had the honour of hosting the bridal shower for Rachael at our family home. The afternoon was filled with all things that Rachael loves: wonderful family and friends, beautiful carnation flowers, good food and a few sweet treats. The perfect recipe for a great time!

Enjoy pictures galore – Welcome to Rachael’s Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Invitations

The afternoon was all about the happy couple. As guests entered the home they were encouraged to write a love letter. It was fun (and funny) to read about the different reactions and advice everyone came up with.

The theme for the shower was shades of pink. So pretty!

Guest of honour!

Me, Rachael, and Mom

The food is what you’re waiting for right? It was just what we needed to fill our stomachs. The table was embellished with individual fruit parfaits, layered mexican dip, fruit skewers, salads, and pasta (not pictured). Dinner was served a little while later. Of course it was Rachael’s favourite – Indian food. With all of the excitement of the shower I forgot to take a picture. Oops.

We left some room for cake and cupcakes. Fresh pastries were also served.

Bring on the games! This is my favourite part of any bridal shower. I created a few games with some inspiration from Pinterest. Of course, I added my own touch.

For a little while I was worried it might snow (as it had a few weeks ago) but we had nothing but showers of sunshine. Perfect for sitting outside, and probably one of our last “patio” parties of the summer. For drinks we served up sangria which was complete with berries and flavourful peaches. There was also fruit punch and water with lemon wedges.

Bridal Shower Friends

For decoration I added banners throughout the house. Banners seem so simple and a necessity at any bridal shower, but I couldn’t find anything that I liked or even places that provided bridal shower banners. Instead I decided to make my own – I found these blank templates from Michaels and added my own writing and design.

I hope you enjoyed Rachael’s bridal shower. Stay tuned for more bridal festivities as they come!