Ok, we’re ready to spill the beans. Months have passed and all because Rachael and I were preoccupied with planning, preparing, packing, and errand-running. Non stop. All fun stuff though!

We’re excited to offer nutrition coaching and wellness consulting very soon. Right now, we’re completely absorbed with planning out how we can help our clients with their individual health goals. You’ll notice at the top there are new ‘Nutrition Coaching’ and ‘Consulting’ tabs. Can’t wait to share this unfolding project with you all!

The other very exciting piece of news we want to share is that Health Dish has moved to British Columbia. Yes, that’s right! We’ve traded in snow (goodbye Alberta!) for rain. While we stopped blogging to enjoy the view (all in the name of balance and living well), there will be be plenty more to share once we get settled into our new space.

new header

The last time we left off, we were celebrating Rachael’s bridal shower. So with that I leave you with a few precious moments from Rachael’s wedding. Congratulations to the newlyweds!!

Wedding Collage

Be in touch soon!